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Here you will find special interviews with bands, photo diaries and breaking news. Check back regularly for all the latest updates.

INDIE SPOTLIGHT - Movers and Shakers...

Spotlight 1 - The Autumn Stones

Formed in 2010 and named after a posthumous Small Faces album, the members of the Autumn Stones are currently, Ciaran Megahey (voice, guitar) who writes the songs, Michael Newton (bass), Matthew McLaughlin (drums) and Gary Butler (horns, guitar)........more
The Autumn Stones
Spotlight 2 - Angela Saini

It’s nine o’clock on a Tuesday night, December 2014, in The Horseshoe Tavern on Nu Music Nite and the first act take the stage to an impressively sized crowd. This is not the first time that we’ve seen Angela Saini, once of Calgary, but now based in Toronto. Seen previously........more
Angela Saini

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