Cherry Cola's  - 200 Bathurst St, Toronto

Cherry Cola's


phone: (416) 703-6969 

From the auspicious front entrance, the all black sign soon to be adorned with a pair of cherries, blacked out windows and
a chandelier hanging over a bright red door, you quickly realize that Cherry Cola's Rock 'n' Rolla Cabaret and Lounge
ain't no dive bar.

Once inside, you can not help becoming enveloped in the opulence and the atmosphere. Red velvet wallpaper lines the walls
screaming out “touch me!” all the while dozens of antique mirrors scream back “look at me!”

Downstairs is a secluded hallway with many couches and many more mirrors, aptly dubbed “The Tunnel of Love”
where the owner Glen states his anticipation that many a future musician will be conceived here.

Needing to get a little fresh air, the back patio provides a great space to chill out and grab a quick drink from the licensed mini-bar. This also provides a perfect time to get to know the artistic locals who have been anxiously waiting for a higher end 30+ bar to open in the neighborhood.


  1. Queen Street West Festival: Day Two - The Beez Kneez

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