JD & The Straight Shot: Budweiser Stage,

Toronto 06-13-17

‘Straight from the hip’

s some of you may know, we started issuing ‘One Word Reviews’ of some gigs last year and if we had to sum up
JD & The Straight Shot in that format it would be, ‘Chemistry’. That however, was only one element of an excellent set, which provided the perfect foil for the rest of the night.

Taking the Budweiser Stage on a hot evening in Toronto the band showed their individual and collective pedigree right from the start with a mixture of recent, new songs and two unexpected covers. JD’S slightly gruff vocal style suits blues, country and jazz and all of these were shown to full effect through the opener ‘Glide’ into ‘Redemption Train’, ‘Perdition’ and then a great version of Spirit’s ‘Nature’s Way’, each of which was supported by superb playing and harmonies from the band, with Erin Slayer a stand out star on violin/fiddle. A new song ‘Moonlight’ was introduced as a love story between a man and a statue before a change of pace saw ‘Ballyhoo’ draw in an already appreciative audience, with some very fine harmonies and a break out on fiddle.

To close, a slower tune, ‘Better Find A Church’ showed that chemistry we noted earlier and they then finished with another superb cover, this time Little Feat’s ‘Let it Roll’, which featured side bar excursion into ‘Tequila’ and ‘Paint It Black’, that had the audience singing along.

JD & The Straight Shot have supported many large acts during the last few years and are about to hit the road with the Doobie Brothers, with superb vocals, great musicianship and a bunch of tremendous/infectious tunes. See them now or see them headline further down the road, it’s your choice, either way you won’t be disappointed

Until next time - The Moose

JD & The Straight Shot

JD & The Straight Shot

All photos reproduced by kind permission of Back2basicsphotography.com