The White Buffalo - Anarchy for Free
First Canadian Place - November 2015

The White Buffalo (aka Jake Smith) steps on stage to perform a solo set at lunch time on the Waterfall Stage in First Canadian Place, starts to sing and delivers a jaw dropping deep honeyed vocal that stops both shoppers and lunch time traffic in their tracks. In an eight song set mostly drawn from his superb new album ‘Love and The Death of Damnation’, the audience were transfixed as he delivered a beautifully balanced, in terms of pacing, playing and vocal performance.

After the opener, ‘Chico’ a song about a drug deal going wrong, he picked up the pace with ‘Wish it was True’, a dance rhythm all of its own, executed both powerfully and with passion. With such a rich voice, it would be easy to lower the range and mumble through the songs, many have done this before, but not The White Buffalo. Every song was delivered with crystal clear enunciation.

The anthemic ‘Go The Distance’ was next, with its great growling vocal, followed by ‘Last Call to Heaven’, a love song, albeit one driven by collecting dead bodies as love tokens, which continued to showcase the darker elements of the song writing.

Our personal favourite from the new album ‘I Got you’ was introduced as being slightly different in that the female vocals would be a little deeper this time around, but which was superbly delivered all the same. The closers were ‘The Whistler’ with an appropriate whistled introduction and the upbeat ‘The Pilot’, which was a tremendous way to leave a considerable number of new fans wanting more. Our recommendation is to go and see The White Buffalo soon, as the latest collaboration for the Sons of Anarchy, namely ‘Come Join the Murder’ will take him down a much deserved road to success.

Syn Brit Rating: 5/5


The White Buffalo
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The White Buffalo - First Canadian Place

The White Buffalo

The White Buffalo - First Canadian Place

The White Buffalo