Soundtrack Of the City - Day 4 - Hurt's So Good!

We closed out Day 4 of Music City North’s Soundtrack of the City festival, where we had begun it three days earlier, back at The Hideout. Just two bands for us to close out another tremendous festival.

First on were Jonesin’ & The Hurt who know that there are many rules to be met when you are the opening act and they followed them all. Delivering a set predominantly drawn from their first album ‘Why Not’ with band members Evan Chladny (Guitar/Vox), Ralph Clarke (Guitar/Vox), Cameron Fraser (Bass) and Stanley White (Drums) ensuring that they held our attention from start to finish. Songs played included ‘Please Give Me’ with its tremendous bass line riff and a vocal intro on ‘Ballad’, which is a seriously good love song. A wide variety of styles were on display, from the sweet harmonies on lead vocals throughout, to a rockier side later on and even a jam style session ending to ‘Fluorescent Light’ and then a country feel during ‘Academy’. The closer was ‘Concerta’ which was probably the best song of the night in our opinion, finishing as it did with a spacey lead jam that showed exactly how much talent these boys have.

Syn Brit rating: 3/5


Website: Jonesin' & The Hurt

The final act of our Soundtrack Of The City, Steven David, a singer songwriter, who was accompanied on the night by Nelson Sobral (Guitar), Jory Berger (Keys), Marcus Walker (Bass) and Troy Larabie (Drums). Right from the opener ‘I Love You Deeply’, which was played as a solo piece on acoustic guitar, it was clear that this is a special performer. It was evident by the second sing ‘Two kinds of Love’ that everyone on stage was having fun, all contributing a very catchy song, which featured a great lead guitar break. The upbeat ‘She believes’ continued the catchy theme with the style changing to country for ‘My Sweet Sunshine Girl’, which had David sounding like Jackson Browne. A ballad ‘Fall From Grace’ was next before a poignant delivery of ‘Sing Country Music’, which was introduced with a story about David’s father. The pace increased with the very danceable ‘She’s the Kind Of Girl’, which contained a tremendous harmony chorus and another great lead guitar break. That just left ‘When We Were’ which involved the whole band and featured some great keys throughout and the closer, ‘Ticket To Ride’, a Beatles cover with joint lead vocals, both of which were beautifully delivered. Overall Steven David is a very good singer songwriter, we recommend you go and see him either solo or with his band. Just. See. Him.

Syn Brit rating: 4/5

Until next time…..The Moose
Jonesin & The Hurt

Jonesin' & The Hurt

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Steven David

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