This house is Shakin’…..

Album Launch - Catl: 'This Shakin' House'

The Horseshoe Tavern - April 24th 2014

For the release of their fourth album "This Shakin’ House", Catl had chosen the horseshoe Tavern as the venue for the launch party. Supported by the Mad Ones and Bloodshot Bill the evening promised much and delivered more........

Describing themselves as a garage grunge band, the Mad Ones , who are Andrew DeVillers (guitar/vox) and Phil Wilson (drums) were on first and drew a good size crowd. Right from the start the feedback intro was followed by some excellent guitar, great riffs and powerful drumming throughout the first few songs. The set comprised of speed metal/semi punk songs, but these were underlined with some seriously heavy riffs, skilful drums lines following the main vocal and some serious feedback, which was used between songs as outros and intros to change guitars. Overall I counted nine songs in the 35 minute set and will gladly sit through a longer set given the quality of the performance.

Syn Brit Rating:  3/5

The phrase "one-man band" simply doesn't describe Bloodshot Bill accurately. Supported by some of the most amazing vocal gymnastics I've ever heard, Bill laid down a rockabilly boogie that had people tapping their feet from the very first song. The vocal range was remarkable. Constant changes between a higher pitch range to one which is akin to Elvis Presley were accompanied by a series of vocal sounds including snorting which bizarrely suited the performance perfectly. In true rockabilly style, the songs were short, mostly about women and had the crowd singing in a call and response about three songs into the set. This sounds simple, but Bill showed amazing all round dexterity, including some tremendous guitar picking and a drum solo on the guitar. I don’t know about Bill, but I felt exhausted when he’d finished….    

Syn Brit Rating 4/5


OK, confession time. We've been lucky enough to  see Catl four times in recent months and, as a result, we've been looking forward to this particular concert, ever since it had been announced. Just before the show Jamie had warned that things were going to get loud and he was right…..

By the time Jamie and Sarah took the stage the audience had grown considerably and they opened their set as a two-piece the first four songs, after which they were then joined by a harmonica player for the remainder of the gig. Right from the start the heady mixture of Jamie’s guitar work and Sarah's hypnotic drum work swept the crowd and the band into a sweaty mess. The set consisted of tracks from the new album 'This Shakin House' with tracks from the previous three albums, but was seamless in terms of delivery, which goes to show how strong their material is overall.

Amongst the songs played were tremendous driving versions of ‘FU Blues’, ‘Gold Tooth Shine’. To augment the latest single ‘Gateway Blues’ they added the dancers from the video and the gig was topped off with my personal favourite, an extended version of  'Workin Man's Soul', which left the crowd shouting for more. Catl are the real deal, tremendous people with an amazing sound and a great new album to prove it. Seriously, if you love your blues, dirty, sweaty and boogie ridden, then you will love Catl. We bought the album and this house is shakin’….

Syn Brit Rating 5/5   


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Catl - 'This Shakin' House' - Bloodshot Bill

Bloodshot Bill

Catl - 'This Shakin' House' - Catl


Catl - 'This Shakin' House' - Catl


Catl - 'This Shakin' House' - Mad Ones

Mad Ones

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